'Affresco' wallpaper for Wallpepper
'Glicine' wallpaper for Wallpepper company, Milan
'Wood' wallpaper for Wallpepper company, Milan
Plate design , 26cm porcelain, with platinum detail
Packing plates,Casino Marino 'Meditation on Plates', 2014
Irish chair revisited, with James Howett, 2014
Irish Chairs With James Howett, Tempera On Oak, 1988
Black Madonna screen, 100x160cm, curved wood, painted, 1994
Eve Swatch, Nuala Goodman, 1994
Alessi Boxes, 1993
Catalogue Alessi Boxes, 1993
Black Madonna, Detail Of Curved Wooden Screen, 1994
Bull Screen, Acrylic On Wood, 300 x 250cm, 1989
Embrace Curved Wooden Screen, 120 x 100 x 300cm, 1994
Madonna and Child, 160 x 100 x 2 cm, Acrylic On Curved Wood, 1994



Her design work is rooted in fine art. She is a painter who paints on different surfaces - it might be canvas, textiles, wooden objects or a watch face. Sometimes the paintings are displayed on a wall, or they might embellish one-off or mass produced utilitarian objects. 


Frances Ruane, Irish Arts Review

Nuala Goodman





Via Privata Paolo Cezanne 5

20143 Milan, Italy

T: 0039 328 8419942