First irish chair, with James Howett, 1989
Textile design archive, Fantoccoli,1989
Biffi window, 1988
Alessi window, 1991
Velvet Kiss, archive
KIss Dress, archive
Textile design archive, Fantoccoli, 1988
Textile design archive, Fantoccoli , 1988
Textile design archive., Fantoccoli, 1988
Textile design, Fantoccoli, 1987an
Painted dress, archive
Head dress, archive 1986
Rucksack, archive 1984
Wonder coat, archive 1984
Silk coat, archive 1984
Silk dress, inside, 1984
Word dress, archive1984
Shoes, archive 1984
Raincoat, archive 1984


Textile Design 



Although she has designed furniture and other objects, including the quirky Eve watch for Swatch, her painted and printed fabrics are where her strength as a designer has had the most impact


Frances Ruane, Irish Arts Review

Nuala Goodman




Via Paul Cezanne 5

20143 Milan, Italy


Cremore Road 26


Dublin 11, Ireland

T: 0039 328 8419942