I am an artist who often works in the world of design.


I collaborate on projects with avant-garde design companies or with creative individuals who have a particular skill, working with diverse materials to create a singular visual language.  




Bloomsday Dublin 2016, selling our 'Ulysses notebooks' outside Sweny's Museum. Mary Heffernan,

Paris Moran, Frances Giordano, Nuala Goodman


Photo: Frank Miller, The Irish Times, June 16th 2017.


Notebooks are in: Sweny's Pharmacy Museum, Trinity College Bookshop in Dublin,So Collective in Kildare,Shakespeare & Company in Paris,The James Joyce Foundation Zurich, Corso Como and Arabesque in Milan.









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'Flower Power' rug 375x400cm, Nilufar Gallery, Milan, April 2017.

Handtufted wool, produced by Ceadogan Rugs, Ireland

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Nuala Goodman





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